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my mobile number is at the foot of this page.

My art collection is shown at  Some pieces are by ‘Listed Artists’ (this definition can mean they are included in reference books and/or their dates of birth and death are known to reputable auction houses).

Art & Adornments has a wide selection of stock (sizes and prices), including not just art but Victorian stained glass, ornate mirrors, ornaments and a collection of interesting vintage coloured glass.  Some people prefer brand new adornments for their home, therefore I have introduced giftware to adorn your home too.

This site Art Review Today is meant as a showcase of my absolute favourites pieces of art from my collection!  Each piece of art tells a story, not just from the artist’s perspective, but the purchaser.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my stories – I would like to know yours and see your favourite pieces of art relating to them.

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