Art on day time TV

Art lovers will enjoy ‘Home Is Where The Art Is’ presented by Nick Knowles on BBC or BBC iPlayer – Artists compete to win a special new commission for one paying homeowner.  At the time of writing there are 15 episodes available for Series 2.

It is a fabulous concept where three artists mooch around the home to establish the lifestyle of the person buying (commissions range in price with an average being £500-£1,000), and then each artist does a pitch – only two artists are selected to complete a piece of work – the artists work in anything from paints to steel, wood, fabric, wool, recycled products, glass, you name it.  It is so educational to watch artists working.

The two selected artists consult with the buyer before having one month to complete the piece to showcase to the buyer.  The buyer then selects the piece that “touches” them most, however quite often they find the two personalised pieces to hard to choose from, and rather than reject one they end up buying both pieces!

The skills involved are fantastic, one of my particular favourites was wood carving artist Michael Crook who appeared in episode 1.  He recycles wood to carve his beauties.

Some of the back-stories behind the commissions are cheerful celebrations, whilst others are very emotional.  This is why I love art and reasons behind why it is bought.