Marigolds and daisies



This was one of those pieces that I just had to have!  It was at an auction and I was trying to bid online.  I eagerly awaited the auction day but low and behold, I could not get my registration details to work and the help I received from the support desk wasn’t working either.  This particular lot was fast approaching and I was desperate not to let it go to another owner.  I ended up phoning the auction house and asking to do a telephone bid.  There was quite a few other bidders putting up the price, but I kept going until it was mine – my family failed to appreciate its beauty or see the fascination!

The reason I like it so much is that flowers are my favourite subject, I rarely see pastel/chalk art I want to purchase, and it it is so colourful and cheerful – need I say more, it’s wonderful.  It brightens up my day each time I look at it.





















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