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The main aim of this site is to share my art with you the readers, and in turn I’d like you to share photographs of your art with me.  Seeing the art is joyful, but I really enjoy listening to stories attached to art purchases – what and why they appeal to purchasers.

I don’t know about you but sometimes a watercolour, oil or pastel jumps off the screen and appeals to me in a way that says “you need to own this”.

In 2013 I purchased a property in a small Northamptonshire village that used to be the premises for The Rugby Co-operative village store in Crick (just off Junction 18 of the M1).  The couple that owned it in 2013 used The Old Co-op shop as a family dining room, but I’ve re-instated a shop and named it Art & Adornments so that friends and villagers alike can look through my art collection, and purchase it.

It has dawned on me that a great deal of my collection will be difficult to part with, as I’ve become too attached – yes I’m more of an art buyer than art dealer!!  The 18th century oil of ‘Three Cherubs’ in the photograph below is one such piece.

Art can brighten your day, and lift your spirits.  This is the place to share works of art that adorn your home (or office) and the back-story behind you owning it.  Simple.

Three Cherubs oil

‘Cherubs’ too hard to part with


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